Cécile Mangel


From my passion for reading and creating stories came a desire to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard?) and give those characters and their stories the attention they deserved.

Destiny - an adult fantasy romance trilogy telling the story of Candice Haltman, a Southern Californian ER doctor whose life gets upended by the arrival of two siblings from a parallel world in need of her help. Your regular 'girl meets boy' trope with a twist.

Book 1 is completed and book 2 is well under way.


I made this website after learning HTML and CSS. I have since then gathered additional skills in web development, a subject in which I am very interested. I have completed a number of projects, mainly in Python and Django. Some examples can be found here and on my GitHub.


I love creative projects in 3D and started learning how to use Blender in June 2018. The goal is to eventually be good enough to model the characters from my book series and the castle some of them live in. Additionally, I really enjoy architecture and interior renders. See my Blender portfolio