Cécile Mangel

My Development Portfolio

The LionHeart Library
search form on a library website a page with details about a book. Synopsis and author a page with the profile of an author and all the books by that author in the catalog
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The library project is a website I built using Django and PostgreSQL for the database. It has several useful features, such as:
  • List of the latest books on the home page, each with a link to the page of the book and a sign showing whether or not it is still available
  • A search form where we can search for any book in the library's catalog
  • A detail page for each book. If the book is available, there is a request form for a book to be put aside for a library member to pick up later
  • A detail page for each author. It shows all the books from that author in the catalog
  • Soon to come: a members login where each library member can see which books they have on loan and which they have requested
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A simple banking system
the beginning of a banking programm. Creating an account and logging in Adding income to the account and trying to make a transfer Transfer succeeds. New balance display and account closing.
This simple banking system offers the following options:
  • Create an account. The generated card number follows the Luhn algorithm
  • Logging into an account
  • Displaying the current balance
  • Making a transfer to another account (provided the recipient's account number follows the Luhn algorithm)
  • The database saves all accounts and current balances
See it on GitHub
Tool to personalise HTML emails
This project was made to help automate a repetitive task in my job. I originally designed it in Python, and later made it into a webpage in HTML and Javascript to be shared with the rest of the team.

The tool takes a CSV file containing exhibitor information and a generic HTML file. The user chooses what they want which CSV field to replace in the generic file and clicks generate to create many personalised HTML emails.

This was a big help in the marketing efforts for the exhibition I was working on as every exhibitor had their own personalised invitation (company name, stand number, logo) to send to their database.